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Die-casting Forum

Die-casting Forum
The factors affecting the common defects of the picture die-casting
Date of publication: 2006-4-5 14:55:06
Common defects of influencing factors
The root cause of the factor category of the adhesive mold scraping of the cold septum slag with the deformed bubble deformation shrinkage hole
Tick tick tick B than the pressure die casting machine
Tick tick shot speed B
Pressure time tick tick B
Tick tick tick of the pressure chamber filled with B
1-2 speed over tick tick tick B
Please tick the solidification time of B
Tick tick tick tick tick mold temperature C die
Tick tick tick tick A venting
Incorrect tick tick A gating system
Mold surface treatment is not good tick tick A
Tick tick tick tick is casting angle A
Casting hardness is not enough A tick tick
Tick tick tick C pouring temperature field operation
Tick tick C metal casting
The metal impurities in root C
Tick tick tick tick tick tick coating tick tick C
Note: a factor: depends on the design and manufacture of the mold.

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