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Characteristics and maintenance techniques of engine

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In view of the common fault phenomena and maintenance methods, the following points are summarized.
Engine common failures and maintenance strategies
The lubricating oil consumption anomaly
In the process of driving, the consumption of engine lubricating oil is also more than that of normal. When driving for a certain mileage, the dashboard will soon show that the amount of lube oil is not enough. Such a situation is usually caused by 3 reasons.
It may be due to the problem of the seal of the piston of the engine, which leads to the excessive gap between the piston and the cylinder wall and the phenomenon of oil burning.
It may be that the parts of the engine are worn seriously, so that the gap between the parts is too large and the lubricating oil consumption is abnormal.
(3) the lubricating oil used by a few engines does not reach the standard, resulting in abnormal lubricating oil consumption.
[maintenance strategy]
First, the oil and oil should be checked, and the lubricating oil should be replaced when necessary, so as to avoid the normal operation of the engine because of the oil problem.
(2) after excluding the oil quality problem, the relevant parts should be checked one by one, probably due to serious wear and tear of parts, too large parts clearance or too high oil pressure, which will cause the oil to lean into the combustion chamber.
And the oil leakage is mainly because the sealing mat becomes hard and aging, and the valve is stuck to death.
The engine overheating fault
Due to the special structure of the automobile engine, the coolant temperature is too high in operation. Once the coolant temperature exceeds the normal value, the engine can not heat properly, which will cause the engine to overheat and affect the normal operation of the engine.
[maintenance strategy]
When the temperature of the coolant is abnormal, the alarm will be alerting on the car dashboard, when the coolant temperature is abnormal.
(1) check to see if the coolant is leaking.
Note that you can not stop immediately when, also can not immediately fill the coolant, but the engine temperature is normal after the operation.
If the coolant is quite a few, it should be checked for the engine's thermostat, the failure of the fan radiator and the blockage of the water tank.
C. engine compartment odor
(1) affected by the high temperature of the engine, the perimeter of the engine is easy to be burnt or melted, and emanates a pungent odor.
(2) it is also possible to apply a lot of grease in the process of maintenance and maintenance, which volatilized with the temperature of the engine.